Knock Nevis
 Ship Facts

   Length: 458 m
   Beam: 69 m
   Draft: 26.4
   Deadweight: 565,000 mt
   Gross Tonnage: 236,710 mt
   Speed: 13.6 kn
   Year Built: 1981


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  Knock nevisThe vessel Knock Nevis is the largest super-tanker (ULCC) built ever. The deadweight of the vessel is 565,000 metric tons, the length is 458 meters, beam of 69 meters and draft of 26.4 meters. The vessel Knock Nevis is the largest one in comparison with all other vessels from this type.

The ship was ordered into the ship-yard and idea about this vessel was to be the largest one built ever. In spite of this fact, the ship-owner ordered to Knock Nevis to be added 87,000 thousand tones to the deadweight, with the idea this vessel to becaome some symbol of oil tankering and shipping at all. So the vessel collected the whole 565,000 metric tons deadweight and now is the largest ULCC in the world.

In all other comparisons, for example Gross Tonnage and Net Tonnage, the vessel is losing the first place from the Euronav and Overseas Super-tankers TI Europe, TI Asia and TI Oceania. In spite of this Knock Nevis is a symbol in shipping and will all the time stay in the hearts of all ship fans.

The Knock Nevis vessel was built with the name Seawise Giant, and changed her name a few times. The last name of the ship and most famous one was Jahre Viking. This was the last sailing name of the ship. After renaming of Jahre Viking to Knock Nevis on 2004, the vessel is anchored in the Persian Bay, near Qatar, where is used as sailing storage tank. The vessel was too hard for operation, because the restriction of Suez Canal and Panama Canal, are making the expenses about long voyages too big and the profits of Knock nevis were too little for such large ship.

The ship has a displacement of 647,955 metric tones and can carry 4.1 million barrels of crude oil. This capacity is just enormous, and you can imagine that with one delivery of this vessel the whole world economy will be able to perform for more than 2 days. That is why super-tankers are so used in the world of shipping, but while sailing thay are making too great risks for the ecology.

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